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What is Your Life Blueprint?

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    Your Life Blueprint
    Consultations with Hansaraj Chand*

    Your Life Blueprint is a holistic system of knowledge that can accurately determine who you are really meant to be. This knowledge allows you to understand and be more comfortable with yourself at the deepest level. With roots in Ancient Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and Ancient Ayurveda, Your Life Blueprint is beyond both of these. It is lost knowledge that has been re-discovered and updated to modern life.

    “After receiving the gift of my Blueprint in 2009, a dramatic shift in my consciousness took place. Knowing how rare this information and knowledge was and how life changing, I began the long process of study so that I could help and expose others to the benefit of this work.” ~ Hansaraj  
    A Complete Your Life Blueprint Shows…

    Your PHYSICAL HEALTH Blueprint
    How to achieve radiant health by learning the specific foods, exercise and lifestyle techniques for your inherent energetic imbalance.

    Your SPIRITUAL PATH Blueprint
    Your main tools for lasting fulfillment. How you transcend best. Who you really are deep down. How you connect with God.

    Your DESIRE Blueprint
    How to be motivated to fulfill your goals without attachment. Where one can get stuck. Related to material world needs.

    Your DHARMA Blueprint
    How you help the world, your life purpose. Dharma is related to emotions.

    Your CAREER Blueprint
    How to be happy at work, suitable career choices. Earning money is different than your Dharma which when both are aligned, work is a joy.

    Your CREATIVE PLAY Blueprint
    How to find satisfaction in recreation and enhance creativity. How to play to infuse your life with passion.

    Your RELATIONSHIP Blueprint
    Your personal style of relating with others in order to have stress-free relationships. Who you are in relationship to others.

    Your VITAL BODY Blueprint
    Your best stress management techniques. Cultivate your radiant energy body for confidence, presence and healing.

    Complete Your Life Blueprint = $240
    (includes everything on previous page)

    Your Life Blueprint is presented in a 2-hour consultation at the calm center in Endwell. Consultation by phone or Skype also available. You will receive a digital recording of your consultation and a booklet prepared exclusively for you. A detailed manual as pdf will also be included by email along with links to resources & products for further benefit and integration

    Your Life Blueprint in Parts
    Physical – $105
    Physical, Vital & Emotional – $135
    Career & Dharma – $60
    Spiritual & Desire – $60
    Relationships & Marriage – $60
    Creative Play – $30

    To schedule/purchase or for questions, contact us by email: or by phone/text: 607-296-0748.

    Typical 1-week preparation from scheduling/payment.

    *Hansaraj Chand is the Spiritual Name of Matthew Russell LaBarre given to him by his teachers. It means King of Swans and Light of the Moon.

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