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Floating: The Physical Embodiment of Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Acceptance

Floating: The Physical Embodiment of Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Acceptance

by Matthew Russell LaBarre of the calm center


Sunday, March 19, 2017


I find that in working with individuals there is nothing more difficult while being more unnecessary then when someone is struggling against their own negativity. It is not the negativity that is the true struggle but the resistance of it. Leading a larger struggle. Often the core state of negativity is not even realized but it is known on some level and there is a running from it energetically. A denial. This becomes part of the struggle and creates a frantic searching of discovering the problem. All the while not able to see the core of it. And resisting the experience of the state which would lead to understanding.


One can be begin to see the layers that happen here. There may be a temporary hidden positive to not being aware of the negative states as once known that it exists one often then takes the position of focusing on actively changing these states they are now aware of. This leads to the struggle even more. Now what was denial is actively engaging in moving away from the embodiment of the current experience of negativity.


Part of the reason this problem emerges is because of the unfortunate reality that being negative is socially unacceptable. Because we are social beings therefore this perceived problem becomes personally unacceptable. This is because the thinking mind is a personalized and individualized mental construct based on the external social engagement/relationships with others. This is also why ones Dharmic Nature relates to emotions. It is simply an internalized process. It could be thought of as a way to practice in one sense if we play with the idea of how to use it. The biggest problem with it is that we have taken it to be our identity. And more importantly practically we become negative at times. Or negativity arises. It is a natural occurrence.


How we think is really how we engage. Ideally to us anyway. It is not the truth of our experience. You deserve the truth of your experience. We all do. The truth of our experience being limited to words is asinine.


The totality of one’s experience of even the tiniest moment is so vast that it is possible to exist with in it infinitely and for all eternity. And many great sages have. Saints are those that have glimpsed this at times and seek to bridge the divide. And the seekers are those who know it in their heart that there is this potential.


So when it is that one denies their experience even if it is “negative” they have missed every opportunity to be in the present moment.


The other side of the coin of this trap which is seen to be the way out of. I am talking about when there is often the creation of a forced positive thinking rigid mental attitude. Mostly those on the “spiritual” path have this confusion. This is really the same problem however with the additional problem that being positive IS socially acceptable. These individuals are trying. And perfectly justified in their identification.


They are in the process of manipulating themselves or their environment usually both toward a future state. Unfortunately this state while it may come to fruition as experience the individual trains themselves not in being present with their own vitality but instead in an activity that takes them further from the realization that the present moment is all there is.


Contained within the present moment is the truth that one is more than situations, thoughts, feelings. These are part of the tapestry that the awareness that is actually them is able to experience completely. This is aligning with soul and soul is synonymous with awareness.


From this state however one does not have awareness.


From this state awareness is.




How does one obtain this today? Right now?


Simply, desire no other experience than the experience you are having.


And come to know it fully.


Embody it.


Allow breath.


Expand awareness to include your heart beating.


Right now in this moment as you are reading these words this is all there is.


Stay with this truth and you have enlightenment.


Space and time are unfolding before our consciousness.


We are aware in opposite proportion to how much we have an opinion on that unfolding.


There is a vitality that can be known through subtle experience to bridge with me seem to be an abstract concept into reality.


You are right now breathing although your breath may be largely controlled and even manipulated nonetheless there is breath. It it is possible for there to be an awareness of breath without any involvement. The breath can be used as a biofeedback system. Not through control or manipulation but by observing how much one can be aware of breathing while not attempting to control or manipulate. Both of these are related to one’s ability to be present in the moment as well as how they manipulate themselves.


Another even more subtle biofeedback system is the heart beat. In this moment your heart is beating and it’s been beating even before your birth. There are things that can be done that will change your heart beat. You could put down whatever it is you’re reading right now and run around the immediate environment or do jumping jacks or something and when you stop the heart beat will be different. And in that increased state we may be aware of it for a time. Mostly however we are not aware of our heart beat and yet we are very aware of our thoughts which have a little to anything to do with the reality of our biological system.


One of the reasons that we recommend floating so much and have a dedicated a large portion of our lives to providing access to others. Is that one has an immersive experience into working directly with the breath and the ability to observe the heartbeat without distractions. At a level that is unattainable otherwise. In the darkness of the tank and the mitigation of gravity the left-brain spatial/thinking mind is no longer engaged. The right-brain intuitive/emotional mind becomes again able to be heard.


One becomes aware of of an underlying reality just like right now below your thoughts there is another rhythm. A drum beating if you will. Your heart beat. And that has much more to do with the reality and vitality that is your life that your thoughts or feelings.


Did I get off track? Hahaha. No. The experience in the tank is one of being profoundly present. Because of this what one identifies with comes to the forefront to move beyond it into the truth. The tank exposes one to the limitations that they have put on themselves. These are not only negative. The positive ones are often the more difficult ones to get passed. This can be a challenging experience. The bliss is experiencing the reality that is beyond the limited thinking of negativity or positivity. The reality of soul.


How aware are you of your heartbeat? How aware are you of your breathing? Can you maintain awareness of breath without controlling or changing it? These are the foundations of learning to accept ourselves.


As awareness and in service,




Floating at the calm center


Matthew Russell LaBarre

Consciousness Coach

Floatation Facilitator

Nutritional Balancing Practitioner

Your Life Blueprint Counselor

Advanced Yoga Teacher

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